Sunday, February 04, 2007

Out Of Water

Is anyone else getting pissed off by the Sunday Mail (et al) reporting wild climactic conditions like it was unexpected? Reporting on the water crisis like it came completely out of left field?

Does anyone else feel a little smug about idiot Toowoombians who voted against recycling water only to then figure out - duh - they don't have any water anymore and will now have to put up with recycling water anyway once it's brought in?

And does anyone else feel guiltily envious about the flooding in North Queensland? You can't help but think "lucky buggers"? I'd gladly take flood damage if it meant a full dam but this is just me talking.

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Friday, February 02, 2007

Thanks for the Invite

Wow, I'm finally on! Thanks Jean for doing the changeover to the new blogger so I could start posting. By way of introduction, I'm another Brisbanite who took up blogging last year. I started off with the experiment of trying to blog on Family Life every day for a whole year. The result was Angry Dad 2006. As a huge Simpson's fan, I wanted to reflect on life as if I was Homer's Angry Dad character, and there were quite a few "Why You Little..." moments with my three boys!

I've also started a blog on all the things that I find interesting around the City. Called I Love Brisbane, the aim again is to do daily posts and photos on things I come across which impress me in this great city we live in. I have to admit that after moving up here seven years ago from Melbourne, I'm pretty well converted.

So thanks for letting me join in the community, and I hope I can add some interesting and thought provoking stuff and comments with the rest of the crew!

Cheers, Wes.

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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Who said no one cares about Brisbane Bloggers?

So guys, who said no one cared about Brisbane Bloggers?

I don't know if many of you know this by I run Australian Car Advice & News Blog, pretty much a blog about cars, with the difference being that we actually get given cars to drive and review, pretty good for just a blog.

So when the 2007 Brisbane Motorshow started coming closer, I was interested to see if as a blog, we would get invited to go along as VIPs/Journalists. Getting to go the the motorshow is no big deal, tickets are only $16 for adults anyway, but that was besides the point!

It was a test to see if Bloggers were taken as serious journalists and if all the hard work that I and other bloggers had put into the car site had actually got us some proper recognition, and you know what? To my surprise (yes I was still surprised) we got invited to go along to the journalist day on Friday (2nd Feb).

If you take your blog seriously, it doesn't matter if your in New York or if you're in Brisbane, blogging has come a long way since its early days as dribbles of teenage angst. I think more than ever, cooperations are actually listening to bloggers as they know that traditional media is no longer the way of the future.

Anyway for those of you who love cars, I think this years motorshow is going to be one of the best, I will post a review of it tomorrow night!

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