Monday, November 12, 2007

Word of Mouth Website

From an email I got today:
We are about to launch a Word Of Mouth Forum blogsite in Brisbane. The venture is jointly owned by Austereo which runs the B105 and MMM stations in Brisbane. The site is all about a community talking to itself, and allows the masses to experience blogging for the first time. It is positioned as the easiest way for people to make a difference in their community.

It is total regionally focused, (in fact has a South and North Brisbane site.) with over 300 categories for people to comment on. You can check it out at

We are looking for local well connected bloggers to start some viral campaigns and start providing some well written quality blogs. We are hoping you could help. the site is RSS linked and I'm sure once it starts getting heavy promotion on the radio
(January) it will be able to drive readers back to your site.