Wednesday, December 15, 2004

I am a disco dancer...

Greetings fellow blogmeisters!

As a pretentious/wanky film student who attends Art College, I feel as though it is my civil duty to ignore my educational background and promote something fun and amusing instead (plus, there are cheap drinks for all who read on!)

For those who haven't heard of it before, Trash Video is located on Vulture Street in West End. It is also Australia's largest cult video store. That means that they stock all of those luuuverly flicks that douches like Blockbuster and Video Ezy wouldn't have heard of even if they weren't run by people who only watch flicks starring Ashton Kutcher or Jason Biggs. They even organise videos correctly by genre (i.e. blaxploitation, spaghetti western, etc), so you no longer have to search for something decent in the dreaded 'Art house' section at your local pit of despair.

Trash Video also runs a weekly Film Club at Ric's Cafe in the Valley. On Tuesday nights the good people at Trash serve up a smorgasbord of fine alternative fillums from a diverse range of genres and formats. Next week is the final film club of the year and is bound to be something special:

Bollywood Xmas Party!

When: 7pm Tuesday 21th December
Where: Rics Cafe, Brunswick st. Mall, Fortitude Valley
Cost: $8 (concession)-10

An all-out Bollywood extravaganza marks our final Film Club for the year, and what a way to go out: live Indian dancers, an introduction from BOLLYWOOD DREAMS Chayan Sarkar and the entire feature Disco Dancer (1982), a jaw-droppingly insane kitsch masterpiece made a full FIVE YEARS after the disco craze! Our Hindi hero, clad in a white suit with posters of John Travolta on the wall, discovers being a disco star has its downside - drugs, depravity (Bollywood style), and a vicious kung fu finale with the EVIL Disco Dancer! The annoyingly memorable musical numbers are inspired in their awfulness; theres a Christian disco track ("Jesus, when you gonna save us?"), and even a ripoff of "Video Killed The Radio Star"!!! Join us for the insanity; remember, get there early for a good seat!


Drinks are also very reasonable (a complimentary drink is granted upon entry), the atmosphere is great and I guarantee that your faces will be sore from uncontrollable bouts of laughter. So make sure you strap on your disco platforms, grease yourself up to fit into that old jumpsuit and come along to Film Club next Tuesday night at Ric's. I'll be the drunken chick at the bar wearing a paper bag and black beret...