Saturday, April 03, 2004

we love blogger...

but for some reason it lost the last 5 lines of code in the template...sorry I only just noticed it. All better now - you tech-heads may feel free to view source and check my work.


Greetings O BrisBloggers! I speek to thee via the great horn of the internet, on which so many shits have founded in their quest for the west via eastcpip. Lo! (prices) tho once yea verily and smitily was I once once one of youse, now has I thrown off the grammar of yesteryear and travelled via plane of econ.fare to the plane of aircon -- great granmar Europa, where the entire countryside has been fully airconditioned for your convenience and frostbite.

No sanity shall I waste, none of mine anyway, but shall immediately proceed to the end.

The End (part 2)

Once champion of the Indooroopilly Station Road Manned/Girled/Wimmined/JenerallyGockeyed Wheelybin Races, and chief deputy nonculprit of the 60 Foot WheelsFellOff Green Scrapemark which shall remain forever Amusing, I reside now in the surreal town of England surrounded by Victoriana and Filth yet have been invited onto your proud Roll as London Correspondent, in a bid to make you all feel better about your own lifestyles and taste.

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