Thursday, June 15, 2006

Brisbane Pride Festival Rally and Fair on Saturday

On Saturday June 17 the streets of Brisbane were alive with colour, drums, whistles and the presence of the LGBT Community our families and friends.

King George Square filled with balloons and the buzz of friendships and reunions for the 17th Annual Pride March and Fair Day.I have been covering the event in recent years building up a collection of positive images to challenge the culture of homophobia that still persists in some elements of our city.

Our presence also attracted the attention of a small group of attractive young men who had just graduated from the Christian School for the Promotion of Homophobia.They didn't bring balloons and whistles, just a few mis-spelt placards, some rather tired theology and an alarming passion for gay and lesbian people.We managed to out-shout, out love and out-do them.I wonder if these boys really want Brisbane to be Australia's most livable city?

You can check out my images of the day here. Let me know if you would like higher reesolution copies for publication.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Brisbane Festival 2006

Seems like all I am doing here is posting about festivals! I am sorry I even encouraged people to attend the Italian Festival, as it was not only highly dissapointing but the parking and transport was horrible! However, Brisbane City council wants to keep reminding us that The Brisbane Festival is coming up soon! This time I did my research into the Brisbane Festival and found that there was absolutely nothing interesting! At least for me.

However you would be interestead to know that there are tons of plays and performances during the festival which runs from 14 – 30 July 2006. I was however eager enough to ask the organizers to tell me why I (and people my age) should bother going! Unfortunately they haven't replied yet :(

Friday, June 02, 2006

Brisbane Italian Festival 2006 Festitalia

So we had the Brisbane Paniyiri (Greek) Festival in West End a few weeks ago, and now its time for the Romans to have their own Festival. The Unfortunately named Italian Festival - Festitalia, will be held at New Farm Park this coming Sunday (4th of June) from around 10am, to 7pm. Click for more info on Brisbane Italian Festival. I will be there from 4pm, leave a comment if anyone else from the brisbane blogosphere is going to show up! Apparently 20,000 people are going to be there!