Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Amazing Body

haha you thought this would be a saucy post, didn't you?! Pervert.

Brisvegians, this weekend is your last chance to see something truly amazing and really, really, really gross. Basically, it's a win-win.

The Amazing Body exhibition shows us what we look on the inside. Not with diagrams or programs or even holograms but with the real thing. Yes, the Amazing Body is a display of real human bodies, deceased within the last two years, who were plasticised at death. Some are cut in half so we can see the insides, some have had their skin removed so we can see muscles. It's a little macarbe, sure, but that's what makes the viewing so riveting.

I'm going on the last day, this Sunday at the RNA Showgrounds. The exhibition runs in sessions from 10am-3pm I believe, they run every hour on the hour.

Friday, October 13, 2006

UQ St.Lucia: March of the Penguins Engineers

A while back, there was a minor international sensation caused by an environmental film titled "The March of the Penguins". It became a minor cause celebre, particularly among faux-Christians, who believed it demonstrated that God always dressed for dinner or something.

Well, penguins aren't the only Southern Hemisphere species that teeters on the edge of extinction, and struggles daily against incredible odds and over incredible distances in a climate that is incredibly hostile to life --inimical, even-- in an incredibly incredible life-affirming community-building long-distance trek incredible.

My Lords, Ladies, and Gentlediscouragement, I present to you:

The March of the Engineers

thanks to jgb!

"This is a story of love.
But not just ANY love.
The love of beer."

"Yet what might seem like a 5 minute walk to some,
To the engineer, the walk will seem to take

They must find alcohol soon,
Or else,
They will die."

That's my old uni, actually. It looks very small and built-up and claustrophobic on this video, but it's actually much more spacious and green in real life.
dunno when they turned the union common room into a pub tho -- used to be the Rec Club about 50 yards to the right of the door, with the balcony looking over the barbie area and the ovals and swimming pool to the river

oh, and the "Ree!" is a reference to The R.E.: The Royal Exchange pub, first and landmark boozer on your way into town, and the standard starting point for uni Pub Crawls