Saturday, November 22, 2003

Reminisces on Brisbane Town

I feel a bit of a fraud as I don't live in Brisbane at the moment, but I'm a Brissy girl at heart really.

I've lived in so many places in Brisbane. There is nowhere else so fascinated with fireworks and you are sure to be sick of them if you ever live near South Bank. It's one of my favourite spots. Many a night (before the 24 hour security patrols) was spent dipping into our magic mushroom stash and walking the 2 blocks to the "beach". Swimming all night in every waterway imaginable (through the line was drawn at the boat canal - remember that) and returning to hear the siren of our alarms for the day ahead. Gondwanaland rainforest and crawling up the rocks, after hours it was like our own private backyard disturbed only by the occasional streaking teen. Floating before the city scape, rain spheres tangling in your eyelashes in the heat of the night will always be one of my fondest memories.

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Straight Out of Brisbane

Straight Out of Brisbane is a festival of independent and emerging arts, culture and ideas. It's on again this 2nd to 7th December, in locations in and around Brisbane's Fortitude Valley. The 2003 program is now online.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Imagining Brisbane

I changed the banner images today, something I'll probably do regularly, and maybe archive the old ones on a separate page.

As you can see I've gone with the night-time economy theme - the valley (the "V" is for Volume!), the mall, the Judith Wright Centre (far left) and the glowing "P" of the Powerhouse entry walkway. All these things say Brisbane to me, but I know it's an idealised and marketized Brisbane too.

So, incoming members: I'd like to know more about your ideal Brisbane - maybe as a first post to introduce yourself you could post a couple of images and write something about your memories of Brisbane, your favourite haunts, what you love or hate about it, or even your opinion on how it has been rebranded as a "creative city" in the last few years.


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