Sunday, February 20, 2005

Wasn't it funny to watch Peter Beattie walking around the city centre with his fleet of body guards? He looked completely out of his element - jumping back and going "whoa!" when some drunk bloke went to shake his hand (to be fair, that clip was aired repeatedly). Before this week I'd never even considered that the CBD was particularly unsafe at night, and suddenly the news is full of hype suggesting Anarchy in Brisbane. An Aboriginal kid who'd heard one too many "paint-sniffing" jokes kicked a guy in the head and then had his face plastered across the Courier Mail. I've had to walk home from the city after work in the wee hours many times and never felt at risk of anything more serious than panhandling. Of course, I am male, 6'4", and sober most of the time. Plus I wear cheap shoes. From all conversations I've had with taxi drivers I had the impression that the suburban nightspots were the places to be avoided. But then, of course the drinking culture is to blame! And how can we tackle that brainteaser? We could further regulate alcohol advertising, or raise alcohol taxes... and risk hurting the massive industry in Queensland. No. You need to shoulder the responsibility yourself.

Anyways... I love this new installation on the side of the QUT Creative Industries building. It's a smiling woman's face with her fingers at the corners of her mouth. The image seems to stretch as you approach it along Kelvin Grove Road.


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