Thursday, August 05, 2004

Brisbane Summer
I Still Get Sweat In My Eyes

Air so thick with water your temperature changes as you breathe, curtains of rain drawn crisp and sharp round the edges of the verandah, and over the drumming of rain on the roof, the lightning cracking and rolling overhead, drowning out unshouted conversation for an hour or more. Sit on the matilda chair with a chilled beer drenched in condensation and just live it.

Gangajang marked the moment, and the moment stamps the soul.

Throw your head back and listen with your eyes on the horizon;
you'll be back there again anywhen that song plays.

Out on the patio we'd sit,
And the humidity we'd breathe,
We'd watch the lightning ... crack over canefields
Laugh and think, this is Australia.

"Sounds of Then"

prompted by a friend's post
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