Thursday, March 11, 2004

Hello. I am new to Brisbane... but I have noticed that most people seem to be new to Brisbane. That is, that rarely do you meet someone who has lived here their whole life - it appears to me a most transient city - fluidly populated. I suppose that coming from the rough-tough streets of South-West Sydney (famous for its gang-rapes, dodgy hospitals, and Mark Latham) - where low-income housing forms the enclosure for our shameful working class - anywhere will look dynamic by comparison. And then, I base this observation on a handful of chance conversations with fellow students. But it was surprising to find everyone complaining about the Summer heat. I would have thought that some of the more long-term inhabitants would be used to living in a sauna by now. Still, the bright lights of Bris Vegas have drawn me in - is there a seedy underbelly I am yet to discover? Ooh... Meanwhile, look for me riding along the bicentennial bikeway in long black (work) pants: drenched in sweat.


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