Thursday, March 18, 2004

32 Degrees in the shade

Queensland is one gigantic hothouse.
Brisbane is the hub of that. It is steamy and humid. I am a kiwi by origin and I've been here nearly 11 years and I still find it sticky. I love the weather but I hate the humidity.
I am starting to get used to it slightly though.

The worst part about the humidity is the sweat. I sweat easily and lots so walking anywhere in a business suit in Brisbane during the day turns me into a wet shirted uncomfortable person.

The weather though is perfect. 9 days out of 10 it is beautiful weather and the 10th day it is perfect. Even the rain is nice (most of the time.) The rain is warm and fast and heavy. It can be sunny one minute and belting down a topical shower of enough intensity to strip leaves off trees and paint of rooves (not quite) and 5-10 minutes later be sunny again. This is a fairly infrequent thing however. I compare to New Zealand where it might rain for 5-8 days almost non stop. Here it might rain continuously at most for 1-2 days. And that's a long wet period!
We recently had 3 weeks of rain most days for an hour or so a day and that is the wettest I have ever seen it here.

The heat is nice. Most times the temperature is around 27-35 degrees C summer and 21-29 C in winter.

I love Brisbane!


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