Saturday, January 03, 2004

site update

In response to a request by heretic I've set the author field in the byline to show author nicknames instead of our full names. Hopefully you haven't picked an embarrassing nickname thinking nobody would ever see it...ah, apparently not.

I've also added geographic coordinates to the template so that the blog will show up on sites that list by location - like local feeds - when we have an rss feed set up, that is. Any tech-minded people out there who know of a way to generate a decent rss feed from a blogger-powered weblog, let me know. Most of the scraping services do a very ordinary job of it.

For those of you interested in adding the geographic metadata to your own blogs, all you have to do is post the code below into the head section of your main page:
 <meta name="ICBM" content="-27.460000,153.020000">
Note: these coordinates are for Brisbane city. If you want to be more precise than that, geo url has resources for pinpointing your longitude and latitude.


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