Friday, January 02, 2004

New Year, New Members

Happy new year everyone!

Now that our heads have (hopefully) cleared, I wanted to welcome two new bloggers: Nick and Anni. Since we now have enough members to make this a real group weblog, I want to open the future format and content of the blog up for discussion. I know we are all busy with our 'real' blogs, so one idea I had was that we could just pay attention to any posts on our primary blogs that seemed to be particularly suited to brisvegasbloggers, and repost them here. I'd like to see it become a window into work and play in the city from a range of perspectives - I don't think we need to worry about making it profound. For example, Brendan could post about his nocturnal adventures in the Valley (G rated of course), and I notice that Pedro has been driving a taxi - I'm sure there's some very interesting potential stories there.

But I'd love to know what you guys (members and visitors) would like to see us do with the space - please post your suggestions as comments to this post so everyone can see them.


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